For the Love of Ibiza

For the Love of Ibiza

"Reflect the island's spirit through culture, traditions, club music and fashion". That is what the people behind MADE IN IBIZA do. This concept was born to impulse the values which made Ibiza one of the most famous islands.

The MADE IN IBIZA people love the island and it isn't just talk because love means respect, caring and giving. That is why this team asks other 'lovers' to answer a simple question: "What can we do for Ibiza?" instead of what people think "What can Ibiza do for us?" The answer to the first is easy. The thing is human beings need a little push to get involved in necessary gestures of solidarity.

MADE IN IBIZA suggests festive meetings to clean the beaches. We use the term 'festive' because it isn't a binge but neither is it cleaning oil. But one has to feel up for it.

Anyone who wants to take part is always welcomed by the promoter of this non-profit initiative. Jose Pascual hands out a load of T-shirts and after work, invites everyone to'paella'.

One of the most frequented destinations is Playa de las Salinas. This location is "a protected area where one can see a mountain of rubbish since about a year ago, in spite of notification given to the «Consell»", says Pascual. "Also, the rubbish we produce nowadays is not like the one we used to produce. It's all plastic or cans which take such a long time to disintegrate in the atmosphere", advises. "It's all about putting a grain of sand and removing a bit of rubbish", he explains.

In order to move forward with activities like this one; José is scouring all over the island to ask citizens about the most appropriate slogan for this campaign. He will give us the results in some time. What he can advance is it will not be a drastic change neither will it be a logo with the 'SOS' or 'Salvem' style.

Anyhow MADE IN IBIZA has a much larger framework. In case helping the Ibiza environment was not enough, this collective act like an 'embassy' of the island. They do this through parties in which the soundtrack is the island's and the projections reflect the most magical spots the island can offer. People are dressed in white and Foc y Fum do their thing. The 'Hierbas Ibicencas' is another appeal during these events which during next Winter will take place in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Brazil or Santiago de Chile.

To complement the MADE IN IBIZA brand, the collective launches a cd once a year. The third, with 14 tracks; is selected and mixed by Miguel Vizcaino, just like the first two.

Also, next week the second dvd with images of the island will be on sale. The first one showed the concepts of sun, beach and nightlife; the second one pretends to reflect the traditions and customs of an island with a very powerful history. The churches, the traditional dance, Dalt Vila and even the 'slaughter', are some of the things people enjoy during the less popular months of the island. The profit from the MADE IN IBIZA merchandising is used to continue "removing the ugly parts of the island".

For the Love of Ibiza.

Texto: Jel.
Article published in EL MUNDO on the 16th of June 2006.


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