Made in Ibiza 2014

Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino

Made in Ibiza 2014

Miguel Vizcaino has selected for the lovers of Ibiza, the typical songs that make the island vibrates in a palette of colours from chill to house but certainly radiating spontaneous warmth and genuine ethnic origin.

The Island’s Real Spirit is an authentic Made in Ibiza product reflecting the diversity of the white island, its rhythm, its naturalness, and so unique beaches.

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  1. The Right Way (Original) - Kenny Summit & Reelsoul
  2. I Like 2 Party - Samir Masto vs Oliver Cheatham
  3. Luv 4 You (Original Mix)- Scott Diaz
  4. It’s Your Life - Cool Million feat. Laura Jackson
  5. Make Room For Me - Antonello Ferrari feat. Jennifer Wallace
  6. All My Love (Original Mix) - Samir Maslo
  7. The Secret Life Of Us - Joey Negro & The Suburst Band
  8. Barry & Marvin (Original Mix) - The Players Union
  9. Standing Room (Original Mix) - Stephane Deschezeaux
  10. Give It Up (Random Soul Disco) - Matt Meler feat. Ron E Jones
  11. Tonight (Original Mix) - Samir Maslo feat. Keith Thompson
  12. Mad About Ya - The Players Union
  13. Lionels Jam (2012 Remix) - Miguel Migs
  14. Wannabe (Extended Mix) - Something Good
  15. BONUS: Smile (Original Mix) - Jay West


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