Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino


Each year I am more in love with the island, but caught by her charm and above all his wonderful energy that heals and repairs everything.

I am especially grateful to feel those emotions and by the moments that gives me the island. To feel the magic within you sitting on a cliff overlooking Es Vedra, or close their eyes lying on the beach listening to how each of these issues make me feel free and special.

If you feel any of these emotions, this album is designed for those who are like us.

Welcome to the island special and magical world.


  1. Afterlife  Speck Of Gold
  2. Lovers Lane  Island Memories (Original Mix)
  3. Magica Fe  Words
  4. Bunkerstudio  When You Sleep
  5. Stargazer  Crazy Song Of Love
  6. Nux  Feel The Vibe
  7. Levitation Feat. Cathy Battistessa  More Than Ever People (Original Mix)
  8. Jettricks  Love Hangover
  9. Guss  Three Moods
  10. Flashbaxx  Set Me Free
  11. Ivan Enot  Grooves Of The Heart
  12. The Rurarls  Sweet
  13. Bedroom Affairs  Diamonds & Pearls (Erotic Escapades Mix)
  14. Atjazz feat Sarah Jane Morris  Fantasy
  15. Relation  Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)


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