Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino


"Lost In The Sea" is the track "Aqualise" included in this compilation but it is also a way to express how we feel when we allow the sea's energy to mix with the musical vibrations, the soul's feelings and the magic of the island.

If you are one of those who feel different and special on this island, if you feel Ibiza's energy the rest of the year wherever you are, if you have the need of returning as if it was an abstinence syndrome, if you feel special every time you come here, if you fall in love deeper every year with its beaches, its air, its smell, freedom, magic, sunsets, spirituality, its beautiful spots, its special code; this compilation is a piece of all those things you feel and you take away with you in your soul each year.

  1. La Caina Le Vent M'a Dit
  2. Dab The Call
  3. Jo Manji Innocence
  4. Aqualise feat. Jane Henley Lost In Sea (Chill Mix)
  5. Alejandro De Pinedo Sex On The Beach
  6. Jo Manji Lazy Loungin´
  7. Vargo Get Back to Sernity (Beach Mix)
  8. New Beginning Free Your Spirit
  9. Suroh Azul
  10. Fluff Mums!!!
  11. Lovers Lane Face Of Beauty (Original Mix)
  12. Chris Le Blanc feat. Liz June Enjoy Your Life
  13. Miguel Migs Breakin' It Down
  14. Suroh Follow My Lead


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