"Made in Ibiza" was presented before the national media

"Made in Ibiza" was presented before the national media.

«Made in Ibiza is an association which arises from Ibiza residents and that feel Ibiza as their home ». This is how it was explained by those who form this association at a conference in Barcelona before media journalists and nacional televisions.

"In middle of evolution and progress we think about doing something without entering in politics, neither in utopias or ONGs, and instead of asking for money, we decided to create this brand to make products and actions that resume the spirit of the island", explained on of the responsibles for this association which pretends tu create commercial actions in order to contribute and improve on some aspects of the island such as the cleanliness of beaches or preserving historical and cultural buildings.

The philosophy of this new brand is based on an answer to the island, "because its given us so much and we are thinking about giving something back, especially because of all the people who have arrived after us".

One of 'Made in Ibiza' objectives is to transmit "what Eivissa is nowadays, not just the myths of Ibiza and nightlife.", explained one of the association's founders. "We would like to reflect this marriage between the traditional and the contemporary".

"Beachland" is the product with which the association is released. It is a cd with music from the island "it's not the latest, its the music that brings memories, sensations and harmony from the island".

The founders believe 'Made in Ibiza' pretends to transmit this way of life because "we think the spirit of the island is that of respect and understanding of other cultures".

Some of the ideas and actions will be products such as cd's; fashion or celebrations.

"An attitude that pretends to favour certain spaces in order to invest in this compromise we have with the island".

Text: Luciana Aversa.

Article published in UTLIMA HORA newspaper on the 15th of May, 2004.


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