Made in Ibiza 2015


Made in Ibiza 2015

Miguel Vizcaino always carries Ibiza House rhythm in his heart. Whether the main theme of the album appears to beLove, and you’re in at the very first beginning with the amazing voice of Emtre Hollis in Soledrifter Remix of Corduroy Mavericks “True Love”. The album goes onwith Xandl’s top house beat of Mark Lower Remix’s “Wanna Give You My Love”, and the South African-American funk of the 60s that creates a rhythmic, danceable mixture of chill house, soul, groove, jazz and R&B. And that is the intense and passionate lovethat sweeps you off your feet.

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  1. We Are On The Move (Joey Negro Revival Mix) - Zo! feat. Erro & Phonte
  2. True Love (Soledrifter Remix ) -Corduroy Mavericks feat. Emtre Hollis
  3. Bizarre Love - Dr Packer
  4. Believe in Love - Paul Mad
  5. Disco Gettin' jacked - Discotron
  6. Keep It Working (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - Soulpersona, Princess Freesia
  7. Caught In The Moment (The Reflex Revision) - Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band
  8. Got No Rhythm (Mark Lower Remix) - Kasual & Rasmus Juul
  9. Wanna Give You My Love (Mark Lower Remix) - Xandl
  10. Want U 2 Remember (Original Mix) - Discotron
  11. Say No Go - Samma Lone
  12. If It's Rea l- Lydia Scarfo, Dimi Stuff
  13. All I'm Sayin (Original Mix) - Allovers, Lisa Shaw
  14. Circles In My Mind (Joey Negro Club Mix) - TrAmHeD feat. Wrenne
  15. Bonus Track: Love Again (Original Mix) - Gamma feat. Chelsea


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