Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino


Another year, Ibiza will fill us with energy. Its beaches, sea, moon, sunsets and magic will make us feel unique.

Ibiza is not only nightlife; Ibiza is a way of life taking shape around music, fashion and influences.

This album tries to convey the feeling you have during the day, at any beautiful spot or beach on the island.

A cool & sexy sound which is creating passions all around the world.

  1. Lisa Shaw. Born to fly.
  2. Harley & Muscle. Together.
  3. Jay-J with Jo Jo Hailey In my life.
  4. Dj MFR & Haldo. Come on.
  5. Notenshun. Unfiniished business.
  6. Nikola Gala. Rub it.
  7. Balage feat. Louis Hale. How diid we get to here.
  8. Hardsoul feat. Amma. Don't let love weiight you down.
  9. Lisha project. Feel.
  10. Michael Watford. So into you.
  11. Bobby & Steve feat. Pete Simpson. In my heart.
  12. Kim English. Treat me right.
  13. Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll My life.
  14. Muzzaik presents URH feat. Zaida. Work it.


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