Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino


Emotions feel different from others when listening to good music is a privilege of some, sometimes misunderstood by others.

The feeling you experience when you get together with friends to enjoy the nightlife of Ibiza, is special. Much has been said of the magic island, and certainly much we owe the DJs who love the night and the House to the White Isle.

That point between many special people and the island is undoubtedly the music. From Clubland "Made in Ibiza", we hope that this year many of those times the share and enjoy this cd anywhere on the island.


  1. Etienne Osborne & Chris Montana "El Hacha" (Original Mix)
  2. Milk & Sugar. "You Got Me Burnin" (Feat Ayak  Alex Kenji Remix)
  3. Paul Gardner & Hugh Gunnell.  "Come Get My Lovin" (Feat Marcella Woods - Plastic Funk Remix)
  4. Tom & Jerry.  "Touch Me" (Feat Abigail Bailey - Extended Mix)
  5. Bob Sinclar.  "New New New" (Avicii Remix)
  6. John Dahlback.  "Love Inside" (Feat Andy P - Dub Mix)
  7. Dion Mavath Long.  "Wait So Long" (fFeat Kandace Lindsey  King Richard remix)
  8. DJ Chus & Rob Mirage.  "Back 2 NY" (Original Mix)
  9. Mark Mendes & Alex Kenji.  "Take That Sax" (Original Mix)
  10. Joey Negro & Tara McDonald.  "La La Land" (Sergei Maksim Club Mix)
  11. Jose M Duro & Miguel Vizcaino.  "Feel So Love" (Feat Eva - Extended Mix)
  12. Celeda.  "The Underground" (D Unity Mix)
  13. Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto.  "Step By Step" (Feat Mavis Acquah - Abel Ramos Remix)
  14. Dario Nunez.  "Da Hasta" (Feat DJ Nano)
  15. Jose M Duro & Miguel Vizcaino. "Work" (Original Mix)
  16. Antoine Clamaran.  "When The Sun Goes Down" (Abel Ramos Ville Urbanne With Love Mix)


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